The Family Man Season 2 Review

Season 2 of The Family Man has been released on Amazon Prime. Maintaining India’s position in the Indian Ocean is the main mission of this series.

After the death of Kareem in Mumbai and gas tragedy in Delhi in season 1 team Srikant is demoralised. Srikant feels guilty and has left T.A.S.C. to join a regular 9 to 5 job at an IT firm. His salary here is higher than his previous job. And is able to fulfill the materialistic demands of his kids. But is unable to hold his family together due to his weak emotional status. But the secret agent inside him keeps popping up…

So at last he leaves the job at IT firm and moves to Chennai to join his friend and former colleague JK in T.A.S.C. Two of the best friends meet again who can make the audience laugh in any situation. A new team is formed. The team’s mission is to maintain the position of India in the Indian Ocean.

The mission starts with Samantha Akkineni who is the main antagonist of this series. She is playing the character of a Sri Lankan Tamil as ‘Razi’. The pain of torcher she has gone through in her life is clearly visible in her eyes and body language in entire series. The show belongs to Manoj Bajpayee but, whenever Samantha appears on screen, outclasses everyone.

Cinematography and background music keeps audience engaged throughout the series. And no words for Samantha’s action sequences . Amazon’s hindi release has much of its dialogues in Tamil and English which may disturb the hindi audience that do not enjoy reading English subtitle. But keeping in mind the diversity of language in India and to sensitise about language barrier, it is a welcome move. Raj and DK has kept the issues of mental health, school education, adolescent problems, parenting challenges, love jihad, family bonding, team work, job satisfaction, etc. in story line keeps the series going on. But the core issue of Tamil vs Sinhalese ethnicity in Sri Lanka has not been treated in detail.

Spread in different duration of 9 episodes, this season total running time is 411 minutes which could be binge watched. Season 3 has been announced. Project Gyan Yu will take you to North East India in season 3.

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