List of Chief Ministers of Bihar

Nitish Kumar today sworn in as the new Chief Minister of Bihar. In the recently conducted Assembly Election NDA won 125 seats out of 243 seats. BJP with 74 seats, JD(U) with 43 seats, HAM (S) and VIP with 4 seats each were the main allies parties of NDA. Nitish Kumar will continue from the previous term. This is the 7th time that he has sworn in as CM of Bihar.

Here is the list of all CMs of Bihar till date:

1Sri Krishna SinhaTuesday, April 2, 1946Tuesday, January 31, 1961INC
2Deep Narayan SinghWednesday, February 1, 1961Saturday, February 18, 1961INC
3Binodanand JhaSaturday, February 18, 1961Wednesday, October 2, 1963INC
4K. B. SahayWednesday, October 2, 1963Sunday, March 5, 1967INC
5Mahamaya Prasad SinhaSunday, March 5, 1967Sunday, January 28, 1968Jana Kranti Dal
6Satish Prasad SinghSunday, January 28, 1968Thursday, February 1, 1968INC
7B. P. MandalThursday, February 1, 1968Saturday, March 2, 1968INC
8Bhola Paswan ShastriFriday, March 22, 1968Saturday, June 29, 1968INC
9President’s RuleSaturday, June 29, 1968Wednesday, February 26, 1969N/A
10Harihar SinghWednesday, February 26, 1969Sunday, June 22, 1969INC
11Bhola Paswan ShastriSunday, June 22, 1969Friday, July 4, 1969INC
12President’s RuleSunday, July 6, 1969Monday, February 16, 1970N/A
13Daroga Prasad RaiMonday, February 16, 1970Tuesday, December 22, 1970INC
14Karpoori ThakurTuesday, December 22, 1970Wednesday, June 2, 1971Socialist Party
15Bhola Paswan ShastriWednesday, June 2, 1971Sunday, January 9, 1972INC
16President’s RuleSunday, January 9, 1972Sunday, March 19, 1972N/A
17Kedar PandeySunday, March 19, 1972Monday, July 2, 1973INC
18Abdul GafoorMonday, July 2, 1973Friday, April 11, 1975INC
19Jagannath MishraFriday, April 11, 1975Saturday, April 30, 1977INC
20President’s RuleSaturday, April 30, 1977Friday, June 24, 1977N/A
21Karpoori ThakurFriday, June 24, 1977Saturday, April 21, 1979Janata Party
22Ram Sundar DasSaturday, April 21, 1979Sunday, February 17, 1980Janata Party
23President’s RuleSunday, February 17, 1980Sunday, June 8, 1980N/A
24Jagannath MishraSunday, June 8, 1980Sunday, August 14, 1983INC
25Chandrashekhar SinghSunday, August 14, 1983Tuesday, March 12, 1985INC
26Bindeshwari DubeyTuesday, March 12, 1985Saturday, February 13, 1988INC
27Bhagwat Jha AzadSunday, February 14, 1988Friday, March 10, 1989INC
28Satyendra Narayan SinhaSaturday, March 11, 1989Wednesday, December 6, 1989INC
29Jagannath MishraWednesday, December 6, 1989Saturday, March 10, 1990INC
30Lalu Prasad YadavSaturday, March 10, 1990Tuesday, March 28, 1995Janata Dal
31President’s RuleTuesday, March 28, 1995Tuesday, April 4, 1995N/A
32Lalu Prasad YadavTuesday, April 4, 1995Friday, July 25, 1997Janata Dal, Rashtriya Janata Dal
33Rabri DeviFriday, July 25, 1997Thursday, February 11, 1999Rashtriya Janata Dal
34President’s RuleThursday, February 11, 1999Tuesday, March 9, 1999N/A
35Rabri DeviTuesday, March 9, 1999Thursday, March 2, 2000Rashtriya Janata Dal
36Nitish KumarFriday, March 3, 2000Friday, March 3, 2000Samata Party
37Rabri DeviSaturday, March 11, 2000Sunday, March 6, 2005Rashtriya Janata Dal
38President’s RuleMonday, March 7, 2005Thursday, November 24, 2005N/A
39Nitish KumarThursday, November 24, 2005Friday, November 26, 2010Janata Dal (United)
40Nitish KumarFriday, November 26, 2010Tuesday, May 20, 2014Janata Dal (United)
41Jitan Ram ManjhiTuesday, May 20, 2014Sunday, February 22, 2015Janata Dal (United)
42Nitish KumarSunday, February 22, 2015Friday, November 20, 2015Janata Dal (United)
43Nitish KumarFriday, November 20, 2015Saturday, November 14, 2020Janata Dal (United)
44Nitish KumarMonday, November 16, 2020PresentJanata Dal (United)

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