jnu covid volunteers

 NameLocationPhoneMeal TypePriceRemarks
1Rohit CanteenJNU, Management School9990525936​Breakfast Lunch Dinner SnacksBreakfast (Rs. 25 to 40) Lunch and dinner (Rs. 40 to 80) Snacks (Rs 20 to 45)  -Will be home delivered inside the campus -Minimum order for delivery Rs 60 -Delivered within 30 mins of ordering
2Ankur TiffinMunirka7838377321Breakfast Lunch Dinner  Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner (Rs. 90/- per meal)-Free delivery only upto JNU main gate -Order timings (breakfast- previous night, Lunch by 10 am, Dinner by 5 pm) -Delivery timings (breakfast at 9 am, Lunch at 2 pm, dinner before 9 pm)
3Deepa’s home foodGK 19818203334Lunch Dinner  (Rs 150/- per meal +Rs 65 delivery charges)-Delivered to campus with delivery charges -Order needs to be placed the previous day -Food prepared in home kitchen

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