Bihar Polls: Promises, Jumlas, Manifesto and Legality?

Bihar Legislative Assembly elections is on calendar. All political parties are campaigning in their full capacity. They are busy in making poll promises to widen their voter base. Let us look into the legality (if any possible) of these poll-promises.

Political parties always have to find ways to convert possible voters into assured asset. The voter must find some connection with the party and candidate for it to vote. This two way connection compels the parties to come up with set of policies to woo their voters. These are often communicated to the possible voters in both verbal and written forms in an exaggerated way . The verbal form may be termed as jumlas and vaade. The party releases these in a document form as ghoshnapatra or manifesto.

Electoral Manifesto is a document that contain the outline of prioritised policies that a party will take, if it comes to power.


Electoral Manifesto is a document containing outline of policies that a party will take on priority, if it comes to power. However, when it comes to power, the parliament or legislative house has its own set of rules and process to convert these policies into a rule, scheme or law. The case could be simple in single party or bi-party system of parliament. But, in case of multi-party system, the participants have to compromise with their priorities. They have to incorporate each other’s priorities and so come up with a new policy that would be entirely different from the original one.

The process of policy making becomes more difficult in bicameral system of parliament, where one party is in majority in one house while the opposition in other house.

Should the voters be smart enough to make out, which promise is realistic to be formulated and implemented?

So, what is the way out?

Should parties keep their promises shorter and more realistic?

Should the voters set their expectations more realistic?

Or should there be a screening process for whatever the parties promise, in oral or written?

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