Bihar goes to poll today; To decide on young leadership

Bihar has seen the leadership of Lalu Yadav and Nitish Kumar in the last 30 years. These leaders were born out of J P movement in the 1970s and made their way towards the top leadership in the post liberalisation era.

Right now the election is contested mainly between the NDA supported JDU, Mahagathbandhan led RJD and outsider support to BJP by LJP.

So the triangular contest has emerged between Nitish-Tejaswi-Chirag. With Nitish being the leader in his 70s, it is to be seen, if the baton is passed on to a new generation of leaders, or it will remain in the same hands. How the era of social justice leadership and regional parties stronghold will shape up, will be seen when the results come out.

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