To develop clusters of traditional industries in the country over a period of five years. Its make traditional industries more competitive, market-driven, productive and profitable. They strengthen the local governance system of industry clusters, with active participation of the local stakeholders, so that they are enabled to development initiatives. This is build up innovated and traditional skills, improved technologies, advanced processes, market intelligence and new models of public-private partnerships, so as to gradually replicate similar models of clusterbased regenerated traditional industries.

The Artisans, workers, machinery makers, raw material providers, entrepreneurs, institutional and private business development service (BDS) providers. The Artisan guilds, cooperatives, consortiums, networks of enterprises, self-help groups (SHGs), enterprise associations, etc. Its is Implementing agencies, field functionaries of Government institutions/organisations and policy makers, directly engaged in traditional industries.

Khadi & Village Industries Commission (KVIC) is the nodal agency(NA) for Khadi and Village Industry clusters and Coir Board (CB) shall be the NA for Coir based clusters. The Scheme would cover three types of interventions namely ‘soft interventions’, ‘hard interventions’ and ‘thematic interventions. Hard Interventions include creation of Common Facility Centres (CFCs), Raw material banks (RMBs), Up-gradation of production infrastructure, Tools and technological up-gradation etc.. The Soft Interventions include counselling, trust building, skill development and capacity building etc. This is Thematic intervention include Brand building and promotion campaign, New media marketing, e-Commerce initiatives, Innovation, Research & development initiatives and Developing institutional linkages with the existing & proposed clusters.

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